What does “First Cold Pressed” mean ?

This term is synonymous with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  No heat or chemical solvents may be used during the first pressing and the acidity level must be less than .08 %   Sometimes you will see “first cold pressed” written on the bottle and othertimes not. ALL Extra Virgin Olive Oils are first cold pressed. Our olive oils are ALL Extra Virgin.


How is EVOO good for me ? Isn’t it fattening ?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural source of antioxidants and omega fatty acids. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and is a heart healthy fat. There is no cholestrol and has the same calories as any oil (120 per tablespoon).


Isn’t the greener in color the oil considered to be the better olive oil ?

The color has NO bearing on the flavor or quality. The color of olive oil is determined by the amount of chlorophyll or carotene it contains. Some olive varieties need to be picked green and have more chlorophyll. Those that are picked when they are riper are purplish-black will have more carotene and the oils are more golden in color.


Isn’t Extra Virgin Olive Oil strong in taste ?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is NOT necessarily strong in flavor. The olives used determine the flavor as well as where they are grown. Our selection of olive oils forms the total spectrum of flavors and intensity: buttery, nutty, grassy, fruity, robust, pungent and peppery.


Is it true you should not cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

This is incorrect. Olive oil has a high smoke (burn) point. It is perfectly fine to deep fry, sauté and bake with olive oil.  It adds incredible flavor  and inhances the taste of any food. Check out my olive oil cake recipe to taste what a light buttery extra virgin olive oil can do to a cake. Ersilia’s Olive Oil Cake


Should I keep my olive oil in the refrigerator ?

Olive oil does not need to be refrigerated. The bottle should be kept closed to prevent oxidation and should not be stored above the stove or on a window sill.  Once opened and if stored properly, the shelf life runs about 12 to 18 months.


Where does the best olive oil come from ?

There is no best olive oil from a particular country or region of a country. There are good and bad olive oils in all of the 26+ olive oil producing countries. Your taste preferences are the ultimate judge.


They say that its better to use canola oil and it costs much less. Is this true ?

Canola oil comes from the genetically modified rapeseed. Its name is derived from Canada and oil. It is touted as a healthy oil because like Olive Oil it is mono-unsaturated.  Yes it costs less than olive oil. It was once only used for industrial purposes and lubricating machines and has been genetically modified to lower the toxicity levels approved for human and animal consumption.  But who determines and approves “toxicity levels” anyway ? If cost is an issue, limit deep frying foods to a few times per year as that is when the extra cost is really evident.