Pasta with Truffle Sauce (Pasta al Tartufo)

The fall and winter seasons are the perfect time to enjoy Italian style comfort food. For those that love the earthiness of truffles this is the easiest dish to prepare and it only takes as long as boiling the pasta. Typically served with long thicker pasta its also perfect with penne rigate. Italians don't usually serve truffled dishes with cheese, but a bit of parmigiano and a drizzle of our  EVOO hit the spot.

Serves 4

  • 1 lb of pasta, penne rigate, fettucine, spaghetti rigati or "umbriacelli" if you can find it
  • 1/4  cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon EVOO, more for drizzling to finish
  • parmigiano cheese
  • fresh ground pepper
  • salt to taste

Set the water to boil and begin to cook the pasta.

Heat on low the 1 tablespoon of EVOO in a saute pan that can hold the pasta. Add the heavy cream and the truffle sauce. Heat thoroughly.

Drain the pasta and then toss into the sauce. Add more EVOO if desired.

Serve immediately with some cracked pepper on top , cheese (optional), and a final finishing of robust and fruity EVOO.